New purchase but having 2nd thoughts...

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  1. Ok ladies well I went to LV today to take a look at a pair of Sweet earrings that I was on waitlist for but ended up walking out of the store with a new bag instead of the earrings. The earrings are too cute and I might have to go back at the end of this week to get them but for today I ended up purchasing the Lockit. I really do not know how to explain the way I'm feeling but you know when you really really want something and you finally get it you just feel buyer's remorse? I don't know :wtf: I'm feeling/thinking right now... This is my dilema...I really love the shape and style of this bag but I do not find it very practical as I cannot carry it over my shoulder and am also a bit concerned about the vachetta bottom (I wish it had little "feet" to protect the bottom of the bag.) I know the Lockit Horizontal can be worn over the shoulder but that bag is just to big for me and not my style. Now I'm wondering if I should go back to take a look a Musette Tango or Batignolles (I know this is not a shoulder bag but atleast it does not have the vachetta bottom....but then again this bag is open at the top :Push: )

    Anyways here is a pic of my new bag, any thoughts or suggestions on other bags to take a look at would be appreciated.

    Picture 039.jpg
  2. BH or BV are great shoulder bags if you don't want to worry much about bottom vachetta.
  3. You can totally use the BH as a shoulder bag....not sure what you mean.....anyway, I think the lockit is unique, but it's honestly not my kinda bag b/c of all of the reasons you said....I have the BH and a musette salsa(which is similar to tango) and I love both. As a matter of fact, I usually hang my cerises cles off my BH like you did with your lockit. No one can really make the decision for you though but the all vachetta bottom with no feet would drive me crazy.......a reason why I never got a mono canvas alma.....
  4. Congrats on the earrings-I have those also and they're too cute!
    As for the Lockit, I really don't like that style..I'd consider the BH; it's a great shoulder bag! As for the open top, when you put your things down in it and close it with the clasp, you really can't see your things at all.
    I don't like open-top bags and this one doesn't bother me at all.
  5. I forgot to say I already have the BH but I actually find it is rather large for me. I recently lent it to my mom but am probably going to give it to her since I rarely use it. I never really looked at the regular Batignolles IRL but think it might be a good size for me. I'll probably go back to store during the week to check out some other bags and make the decision if I am going to keep this bag or not. I think I just felt rushed b/c I was with my boyfriend and you know how much men hate to go shopping/browsing around the mall...
  6. I totally agree about the all vachetta bottom. I have a white mc alma which has the all vachetta bottom. I was seriously anal about getting anything on it and then we went out for bbq and thought I got out of there unscathed, but lo and behold got home and saw the bbq drip on the bottom. Well, I freaked out for about a week about it and finally called the sa who sold it to me. She told me to use saddle soap on it. My husband (bless his heart) worked that saddle soap in the leather about 5 applications. Then we put it in the sun for a few hours a day and it finally has a beautiful honey color. You can hardly see the spot now, but I just can't figure out why lv won't put feet on these pieces. Anyway, sorry for the long tale!
  7. if you are having doubts about your new LV then totally go and exchange it!!! you have to be 100% comfortable with what you wear and hold!!! good luck!
  8. if you want a shoulder bag, go for the Batignolles Horizontal or Popincourt Haut. i personally cannot stand the Lockit; the shape just bugs me. plus both the Batignolles Horizontal and Popincourt Haut have canvas bottoms, so you don't have to worry about vachetta
  9. Same here...:smile:
  10. ITA!:yes: It definitely doesn't sound like you are 100% happy at all. I'd go back and exchange it for something you won't have any reservations about.
  11. If you don't love it 100%, return it and get something else you love.
  12. personally i don't like the lockit, and i agree the vachetta bottom can be a drag... i have an mc alma that i'd sell because i hate to be worry all the time bout he vachetta bottom :P
  13. Really??? You find the BH too big???

    Hmmm how about something like a recital???
  14. I really like the shape of the lockit as I think it is quite chic...and I really like the vertical lockit:yes: BUT if you don't LOVE it then return it and purchase something that you adore;)
  15. Totally agree:smile: