New purchase .... break a pattern?

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  1. Hello ladies,
    I have decided to add a speedy 30 B to my collection. I already own the original speedy 25 and Neverfull GM both in damier Ebene. I love the damier Ebene pattern so much but am wondering if I should switch it up and get the 30 B in the monogram. Does it make sense to get the damier Ebene again or should I broaden my collection? The only monogram piece I own is the key pouch. Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I think it depends how you feel about the vachetta leather.
    Also if you love the DE the most then I don’t see what you need to change. Lots of people have different styles in the same print .
    I also started my LV collection with just DE print and Epi leather and when I went to buy my speedy b 25 I wanted the DE but brought the monogram for a change . I soon regretted it and brought the DE version and sold the monogram .
    I have now expanded my collection bag collection to include monogram and reverse monogram but get them with the treated leather and not vachetta.

    lots of people love the way vachetta ages but it’s not for me .

    Go with what makes your heart sing and don’t worry about what print it is .
    Stay safe x
  3. I absolutely love my speedy B in DE. I understand why you may not want to add another DE to your collection. The monogram is a beautiful option. However, in my opinion, the vachetta leather makes it harder to take care of. DE is literally worry free.
  4. Depends if you love the monogram or not. I wouldn’t get something if you don’t love it... I’m the opposite. I love monogram and don’t love DE so I wouldn’t force myself to get the other pattern. If it was love, this question probably wouldn’t need to be asked.
  5. When DE first came out I was all over it. I was so stressed about the vachetta on mono bags. Over the years I learned to love vachetta and mono, and have completely gotten bored of DE. So it depends on your personality. if you know you would obsess over keeping vachetta perfect and could not use your bag with vachetta easily, then skip mono, unless you buy one with black leather trim (which is so chic IMO). If you're finding you're gravitating toward mono, but aren't sure, maybe try a pre-loved bag in good condition. That could help you see if you can live with it.
  6. Not sure if your up to this suggestion but what about the speedy in Damier azur? It’s kind of like Damier Ebene but a different look and is very pretty looking on the speedy B