NEW PURCHASE: BJ KELLY @ bellagio!!!

  1. YAY!! bought my first kelly this past weekend in vegas. hubby was on a winning streak saturday afternoon. with 2 more days left before heading back home, it was inevitable he would lose some (or all!) of the winnings back (we go down this route EVERYTIME we're in vegas!!). so i told hubby he was not allowed to play anymore unless he buys me something from hermes. :graucho: not expecting a birkin (we were on a lucky streak, but not that lucky!), i was thinking i'd prob end up with a bolide. to my surprise, they had a couple 28cm kellys on display (black and brown), so i just asked to look at them. cute, but the size was not ideal for me. i wanted 32cm. then my SA whispered "i have a BJ and an orange 32cm in the back!" HOLY MOLY!!!! needless to say, i was already sold on the blue jean one. it wasn't even necessary for me to see it!!! told hubby when the SA left to go in the back "i want the BJ kelly!!!" so of course, i ended up buying the BJ. but then i looked at myself in the mirror with orange kelly. can i say GORGEOUS???!!! OMG!!! i wanted the orange too!!! so hubby said he'll get the orange for me if he wins more $$. unfortunately and as expected, he lost the $$ he had won. oh well....he may have lost but i walked away a winner with my kelly!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: had it shipped to michigan to avoid paying tax. so as soon as i retrieve my BJ, i will post pics!!!!
  2. CONGRATULATIONS Peanut!!!!!!! What a SCORE! As soon as you have it in your hot little hands, please post pics!!!! Love to see it!!!!

    ....I did see those two kelly's on display when I was there last weekend....lovely! Did they still have that really, really LONG Paris-Bombay on the shelf????
  3. Hi Peanut, welcome to the Kelly Club!!! :yes: Blue Jean Kelly is...:love: :heart:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo: :nuts: :party: :drinkup:
  4. Congrats! I'm sure it's beautiful, and I can't wait to see pics. BTW, what leather is it? And what color hardware?

    I hope I'm as lucky when I visit Las Vegas in Sept.:tender:
  5. funny shopmom!! that's right, u were in vegas last weekend!! i remember reading ur posts. yea, they still have that super long bombay on the shelf. even though it's hermes (and who doesnt love anything hermes?!), i must say it was one of those bags that just didn't quite make the cut for me. how do u pull off carrying something that odd shaped??? i'm 5'2". imagine how funny i'd look!! i'd have to carry it vertically to avoid hitting peeps with it as they walk by me!! LOL
  6. togo leather with palladium hardware. i love the contrast stitching too!!! good luck in sept!!!
  7. thanks gigi!!! i can't wait to be reunited with my kelly!!
  8. Congratulations. Love that Blue Jean color.
  9. congratulations i'm sure its beautiful.. cant wait for the pictures :smile:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: That's got to be one of the best descriptions of the GM PB!!!

    Anyway, enjoy your new Kelly, I suspect it won't be your last Hermes.
  11. Congratulations! I love how you twisted your husband's arm! :heart: :heart:
  12. G*O*R*G*E*O*U*S!!!

    I can't wait...I have never seen one in 32...POST PICS ASAP ON ARRIVAL!!!

    JAG ARE YOU THERE??? (She will love this one)

    Oh, glad you joined the forum. WELCOME! What a way to become a new member!!!
  13. OMG! YES I AM HERE!!!!

    First, welcome to the PF!!!:flowers:

    Second, CONGRATULATIONS PEANUT! This is my favorite color combo :heart: and I am just going nuts about your Kelly!!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR PICS!:love::love::love:

    BTW, there are a few of us here from Michigan too!!! We should have a Hermes ladies get together one of these days!

    Kellybag- you know this is at the top of my list today!:P
  14. that is a terrific story - with the happiest story imagineable. the next time dh has a conference in vegas, i guess i will go along for once AND make him gamble. he'll think i've lost my mind. :lol:

    can't wait for pics.
  15. WOOHOO!!! Congratulations and champagne toast to you!