New pups a chanel gal already ;)

  1. :p

  2. Your little gal is one adorable pup,guess she got her great taste from mom ;) .
  3. Aaaaaaah!
  4. Awww.... such expensive taste for a youngin, LOL.
  5. ahhh she's just so precious!!!
  6. Aww that is so cute.
  7. How cute!!
  8. She is precious!
  9. She's ADORABLE!!! She looks so young--how old is she?

    The toy is cute too! :smile:
  10. ahh thanks!!! she is 9 weeks old, nearly 10 :yes:
  11. Awwwwwwww!!!! I want to hug her!
  12. OMG sooo cute!

    I can practically feel her soft little puppy fur and smell her sweet little puppy breath!

    Oh how I miss it... :smile:
  13. hahaha..cuuuuute dog..and great toy!
  14. thats adorable!! what kind of do is she? so much fun!
  15. Adorable! That is my kind of girl!