New Puppy or New Coach?

  1. ok, so here's the deal.
    if everything goes as planned, i will have a new fur baby!

    [group photo as puppies - light merle]

    [photo with his brother, "apple jax"]

    [the breeder named him "hopscotch"]

    [but i think i prefer "bambi"]

    however, if my step-father decides that a dog just isn't fitting in the plans,
    i will be getting a different type of baby!

    [coach holiday patchwork gallery tote]

    i would definitley rather have the dog, but if that isn't possible,
    i'm pretty sure that this beautiful bag will soothe my sadness. :p
  2. Cute pup! Maybe he will fit in your new purse and your stepfather will never know:p

    I love that patchwork!
  3. thanks! i grew up in a family with all a bunch of cat-lovers. :push:
    not that i don't like cats, but i've just always wanted a dog.
    but just recently my stepsister moved in, and her baby stole my room,
    so now i'm in the basement with the crappy carpet! [theres no excuse for no dog now!] :upsidedown:

    so yeah. he's a chihuahua, and he's going to be about 4 lbs. full-grown.
    and if i get him? my coach wishlist will increase by a few items. :lol:



  4. adopt a dog and then buy the coach. You'll have enough money for both!
  5. but i've fallen in love with this particular puppy.
    i've been watching him since the breeder posted his newborn pics!
    i was in class today, and i was like...shaking because i was so excited because i might get this dog. lol. :p
    i hope so bad my step dad doesn't say no. :angel:
  6. Hm, there's a big difference in those two babies :yes: Remember that a puppy is a long-term commitment, and will cost a lot more than the initial purchase fee. If you're not ready to have something depend on you for the next 10+ years, then maybe that gorgeous Coach is the way to go right now! Good luck :flowersL
  7. If I were you, I would adopt an adorable Chi from a rescue group (probably around 200 dollars or so) AND get the Coach purse!
  8. Not to be offensive or anything like that but I have to agree with Tucker. There is such a big difference between a puppy and a bag. You have to remember that even though it is a chi it is still a dog. And the saying "a big dog in a small dogs body" is SO true.
    Some chihuahuas live up to 16-18 years are you ready to that commitment?
    That said I'll cross my fingers for you:yes:. That puppy is SO cute:shame: and chihuahuas are fantastic animals. :tup: Good luck...
  9. Ditto! I don't think you really meant to compare a puppy and a just came off that way in the title. For me, there would be no comparison -- if you are in a good situation in which you can be a responsible pet owner then I'd choose a lifetime of love for sure!!

    PS -- if you can get both, I'd get the puppy, wait a few months til he grows out of teething, THEN get that great bag! I loved my border collie pup utterly...but none of my shoes or purses really made it through her first year:p Glad I hadn't discovered PF yet, so all I lost were some cute liz claibornes and other cheapies!

    BUT, I'd freely sacrifice ALL my cool bags for my current furbabies -- I think that's the best attitude if you really want a chi in your life.
  10. I will always recommend a dog as long as you can provide a loving home a dog is so worth it and you can always have a bag, but a dog provides love forever!
  11. oh, yeah. i know that theres a difference between a dog and a purse.
    and yes, i know that a dog is a big commitment.
    trust me, i've read up everything there is to read about chihuahuas,
    i had one around me 24/7 when i lived at my friend's house for several weeks;
    i just love them! [especially their energy!]
    i can't wait to spend 15-20 years completely devoted to a furbaby. :smile:
  12. I do hope your Stepdad will let you have it!!! It's such a cutie!
    And having a doggy is indeed quite a responsibility, but sooo worth it! I also wanted a dog all my life and had to wait till I moved on my own to get one!

    By the way, I LOVE that Coach carrier! I totally want one! Where can I find those?!
  13. they have them on the coach website for $498.
    isn't it completely adorable!? :yahoo:

  14. I agree with TTucker,

    A dog is an investment for a period of time and unless you are willing to put in that investment, I advise you to get the purse.....A dog is not an accessory.
  15. Jennbyrd, where does the whole thing stand regarding a Chi?

    Something that occurred to me, and I apologize if you've described your life in more detail on other threads, if you go to college, that could be an issue with dog care. Especially if you go away to school. If you're working, are your mom and stepdad ok with doggy care while you're gone? Having a dog is like having a toddler--it's fairly constant demands.

    They are so cute, it's hard to resist, I'l admit.

    The bag you picked out is great too. Possibly it would be a better choice right now if you have a lot of things going on in your life.

    Best wishes, whichever way it goes.:heart: