New Puppy on the way!

  1. After a lot of effort - my apartment managers have approved me having a dog!

    I've contacted the breeder and this little girl will be available in about 3 weeks-



    So in the meantime - what things do I need to buy/organise?

    -flea control
    -travel bag
    -newspaper/lining for ground

    Anything else?

    I would really appreciate your advice! :flowers:
  2. Awww...she's a cutie :love: Congrats!!
  3. She is so incredibly cute!!
  4. cute! hope you did lots of research into the breeder!
  5. awww:love::love:Shes adorable!!
    As for preparing-I think you have everything down.
  6. She is super cute!! Congrats, Chi's are the best! :love:
  7. She's sooo cute! Glad you finally get to have her.
  8. [​IMG]

    ^^^ Good to see Bella's keeping her clothes on nowadays!
  9. Is that a chihuahua.. Its adorable.. U need lot and lots of spare shoes.. Haha!!!
  10. She is SO cute. Her big blue eyes are just saying "Take me home please!"

    It sounds like you've got everything under control! Very organised!

    Just as a tip, when we had a tiny little silky terrier we found that cat collars were the perfect size for her as a puppy. She even had one with a bell which made it easy to sub-consciously keep an ear out for her...I was always worried someone would stand on her accidentally because she was so tiny (can you tell I can be rather anxious when it comes to animals! :p)

  11. Yes she is a chi :love: I'm collecting shoes I would have otherwise tossed -thanks for the tip!
  12. Great tip! Thanks heaps :smile:. I think when she is home alone I will take the collar off her while she is so little - I am paranoid too! :hrmm:
  13. ZOMG! hehe seriously...such a cuuuuuute little face!!! She's beautiful!
  14. Aaaawww! The puppy's cute and it can probably fit in your pocket.

    Bells are a great idea for tiny dogs. Do you know how many times I've found animals wandering in the halls of my Manhattan hi-rise because they sneak past the owner's ankles when the door is opened? It even happened to me with a cat I was babysitting. One dog even made it from his apartment to the gym on the 40th floor by just casually walking into an elevator and riding it all the way up!!!