new PUNCH tote and stripe cosmetic case!

  1. i went to the boutique today and exchanged my gold sig stripe tote for the PUNCH! it's beautiful. also, i grabbed this legacy stripe large beauty case. :yahoo:

    they had one of the large black ergos in the back and i tried it on - the size was PERFECT! i'm gonna order it later on in the brown to carry around notebooks and stuff.

  2. Gorgeous!! I :heart: it!

    I have the Khaki/White Signature Stripe Shoulder Tote. It was tough deciding between the punch and the white.
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Gorgeous! I really want to go pick up one of those stripe cosmetic cases one of these days.
  5. Both pieces are great! Enjoy!
  6. I love them both!
  7. I like!! Very nice; I think you should get the ballet flats in punch to complete the look. :smile:
  8. i forgot i included that box in the pic. possibly a special gift for my raok buddy? :graucho:
  9. Absolutely beautiful - I want that comestic bag too!
  10. Very pretty! I love the punch!
  11. Congrats! The colors are beautiful on both pieces!
  12. I love the color punch and it is such a good combination with signature. Congrats!
  13. Very nice, congrats.
  14. congrats!! lovely!
  15. the punch color is beautiful!! and the cosmetic case looks great with it! whata fun color! i bet your glad you exchanged it!