New Pucci for me!!!!

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    I have been stalking this auction for the last week (by the way this pic is from the auction, it is not me), and was determined that this jacket would be mine!! I placed my bid in the last 20 sec., and won for $200 less than I would have paid!!!! I collect Pucci, and think this is going to be so...cute worn in a ton of different ways!!! I am so :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: right now!!!
  2. hoorah!!:yahoo: I love Pucci!!! what a fun jacket!
  3. that's adorable! Pucci is amazing. Is it vintage?
  4. ooh wow :yes: I really like that
  5. is vintage...and I am a little bit obscessed with vintage Pucci. Next on my list is a dress...but it has to be perfect....I have already been looking for over a year!!! I:heart: Pucci!!!
  6. Gorgeous!!
  7. It's lovely, I love Pucci! :heart:
  8. It is very pretty! The colors are so fun! I like Pucci but do not own any yet. It is hard to purchase in my area. Can you recommend reputable Pucci ebay sellers?
  9. i love pucci too!!!this jacket is just gorgeous!:love::love:
  10. oooh, congrats! i love pucci, and that looks like a really fun jacket!
  11. It's gorgeous! I adore Pucci too. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of Pucci items though :sad:

  12. There is not much fake Pucci on Ebay,and I have bought from a few different sellers, and have never had a problem! It does seem like the vintage is going for much more than the newer items, though. Good luck......:smile:
  13. Cute!:nuts: I love Pucci.
  14. Wow, that is so cute! Do you mind PMing me the seller's ID? She seems like she would have cute clothing auctions. :smile:
  15. Totally love Pucci, looks great on you