New pti

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  1. wallet,
    the description hasnt change but this a different wallet, Item number M61217

    It now has 8 slot inside and two on the outside.
  2. says Petit?
  3. yeah not sure what thats about .. but its the same size as the old one. but if you look close the outside pattern is different then the old and look at the inside pic and it holds 8 cards.
  4. Yep, I've got this one, and loving it!
  5. Cute, have it in Monogram Mat and love it!
  6. is monogram mat a durable-enough material for a wallet? have you found that it holds up well to the abuse of knocking around in your bag?
  7. thank for showing me those pic's....
    I really thinking about selling mine and purchasing a new one.

  8. with 10 c/c slots ?

  9. I Love The PTI! Enjoy! :smile:
  10. OMG, I love it! I totally need 10 cc slots! Thanks for posting this!
  11. looks great.. :smile:
  12. I really like this wallet.
  13. It's really nice...I wonder if it comes in anything else besides monogram.