New Psychology Test Item

  1. Everyone has seen those psych tests where they show a picture and ask this question.

    See if you can correctly identify the object that is different from the others in this picture. :roflmfao:

  2. If you correctly identified the following object, your answer is correct.

    Ain't she CUUUUUTE? :tender:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Just wanted to post some current pics of Miss Gracie Lou. It was three months ago that we adopted her from the Canine Concentration Camp (aka: Animal Control).

    She's looking pretty good I think!:heart:
  6. hehe.. She is beautiful!! :heart:
  7. oh, she's beautifful! i love that third pic- looks like she's wondering why you woke her up from a perfectly good nap!
  8. Not exactly, kallison. She HATES having her picture taken! Unlike Sam, who would happily strike a pose any time the camera came out! :roflmfao:
  9. Aweee she's sooo cute!!!

    ps i got the test right!! MUHAHAHA ROFL!!!
  10. prada....
    she is so cute...
    i think she is upset that you woke her up from her nap....
  11. unless ruby is asleep, i can't get a picture of her either. she hates it.
  12. I failed the test!! LOL jk.
    She is to die for. Glad she found a good home :smile:
  13. She's beautiful!!! And very photogenic! :smile:

    I thought it was a trick question. I picked the reddish-maroon pillow because it didn't go with the overall color scheme. Even Miss Gracie Lou matches better than the pillow. LOL!
  14. She's gorgeous! Good on you for adopting her, a nice dog like that deserves a good home.
  15. I love the first picture. Especially with how she is on top of the pillows! How sweet is that! :heart: :heart: