New PS1 Size!! - The Tiny PS1

  1. Wow, I just spotted a new PS1 size - the Tiny on :nuts:

    It seems to be similar in size to the discontinued Small PS1, comparisos

    The Tiny: Length: 10" Width: 4.5" Height: 6.5" Strap length: 24.5" / 14" drop

    Medium: Length: 12.5" Width: 4" Height" 8.5" Strap length: 22" / 9" drop

    The Tiny in Black

    The Tiny in Rip Tide

    The Tiny in Smoke
  2. That's precious!! But the price tag seems harsh for a mini bag! Only $225 less than the medium size?!
  3. Yes the price.. It looks like they added more strap length for carrying crossbody though.
  4. Saw this new style too the other day on their website! I google-searched for a model picture but didn't find any... Would love to see how big (or small?) it is in real life and how it can be styled.
  5. I "tried on" the Tiny today!
    It is really adorable....and a great crossbody. I'm 5'6" and the strap was long enough for me to comfortably wear crossbody without knotting the strap.

    My ONLY hesitation in purchasing this bag is the price point....I feel like for just $200 or so less than the medium maybe I should go for another vs a trendy mini bag? Though I have been on the hunt for the perfect crossbody and this really is so cute.
  6. Not sure if this will help but this is the tiny in front of the medium.

  7. Does anyone know the size comparison to the ps1 pouch? Thanks!
  8. It looks cute but that price... Hmm.
  9. Love the size....the price...not so much.
  10. Are these in any dept store, or only in PS boutique and PS online?
  11. any mod pics? :graucho:
  12. very cute! need to see it in real life

  13. I think some Nordstrom locations carry it, I'm sure an SA will have one transferred to your local store if you ask. NM should also carry it. There's a limited selection of colors on the PS site.
  14. Dear:
    Pouch size is
    Length: 7.5" Width: 3" Height: 7.5"
    Strap length: 45" / 22" drop

    Love this Tiny size, because it has a little more thickness for my make-up bag.
    xoxo :winkiss:

  15. Thank u!