New proud owner of PL Havana!

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  1. Tell me I will love this, ladies... I'm pretty much gaga over the bag from pics.. I want a somewhat neutral with a pop bag and I think this may be it. I think it would be easy to dress up or down.. I got it for a little more than I wanted to drop but I couldn't help myself!

    From some pics it can look more like a silvery-gold and some show a light gold.. would you say both hold true depending on the lighting?


    Thank you to Nikki for being so darned helpful! *squeeze* :smile:
  2. Congrats! It's definitely a neutral with a bit of bang! I've never seen irl but the pics I've seen look beautiful!
  3. Congrats Joy!! I really think you will love it and it will be perfect for you! I would say both hold true about the color, but it mostly has a gold hue. It's a really pretty bag!
  4. I LOOOOOVE my PL Havana! It's such a fabulous texture and color!!!
    Biggest Congrats!
    Can't wait to see some pics of you and your new bag!
  5. chodessa, I will definitely post some once I receive it! I did a board search of the bag before I bought it and saw your gorgeous pics with it and it helped seal the deal :smile:

    How has it worn? Have you used it a few times? Is the leather still ok? Also, did you treat it with something before using it? I'd appreciate any help :smile:
  6. I didn't treat it and I wouldn't recommend treating it, it has a suede like texture and I wouldn't want to mess with it..
    I've been using it all summer and it's just getting slouchier (which I LOOOVE).. no problems of flaking (that's been discussed in the past)..
    I just love it for the summer. :love:
    Thanks for the compliment!
  7. I am so sad.. the bag I bought as "new" from bonanzle is so clearly used :sad: I am going to contact the seller to see if there's anything I can do.. they had great feedback too..

    I have pictures that show wear and the bag has a sort of odor that's hard to explain.. I was sooooo excited about this bag..
  8. Sorry to hear that joy!
    Please keep us updated!
  9. It's supposed to be 'brand new' but one side of the handles is separating from the bag and has the inner lining coming out! It also has a strange odor and some of the leather seems a little gnarled/flaky like it's rubbed against things. I just sent her a dissatisfied PM to see if she can remedy the situation. I took pics of what damage I found so I'm waiting to hear back.
  10. #10 Jul 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2009
    thank goodness, she is being very cooperative about it.. she gave me the option to return or get a partial refund..

    How much would you guys pay for a bag that looks used? and has a tear? I think I may give has a $ amount (I'd probably pay $120 for a bag in this condition, certainly not the $200 I spent) and if she declines then just send it back for a refund so she can try to re-sell (I just hope she inspects it more and puts a better description!)

    :sad: I still want a PL Havana though. It looks like it would be a gorgeous, gorgeous bag if taken care of properly...
  11. Thank goodness she is being cooperative! I guess you could just give her your final offer for the bag and see what she says. Only pay what you are comfortable with. Good luck!
  12. Alright ladies, my search continues :sad: I'm returning her... so if any of you lovely ladies find a PL havana out there.. you know who to PM!
  13. I am happy you are getting your money back. You bought it from a nice seller!