New problem

  1. Well I have had numerous health problems last year and Im only almost 20 years old!
    Last year I had herniated disk, got diagnosed with crohns, infertility, ruptured cysts, and just lots of sicknesses like a bad case of strep. The list goes on and on. It was a horrible year last year.

    Well Ive been out of work this week because something new is going on. Heres how it started

    Last friday I drank a diet dr and afterward I started having pelvic pain and back pain. The next day I went to the urgent care clinic and got an antibiotic. It didnt help so on tuesday I went to the dr. and she wants me to have a CT of my stomach. She thinks its either my kidneys or appendix.

    It hurts in the lower part of my abdomen and back, bother lower and mid part of my back. All the pain is on the right side. I am so freaking just tired of all the illnesses and thank GOD I have an awesome job that understands. Anyone ever had this? Or has anyone ever heard of this?
  2. Is it muscle pain? do you think you slept the wrong way or pulled a muscle lifting something?

    Is it a sharp pain or dull pain, and does it come and go or is it there all the time? Is there slight bruising or swelling?

    Could it be heartburn? Bladder infection?

    Did you accidentally bump into something?
  3. It is not muscle pain its more like a pain that comes and goes and its sharp but not too sharp. I havent bumped into anything , It feels KINDA related to bladder infection but since i can use the restroom without pain it kinda makes me wanna lean to a different diagnosis.
  4. I am sorry you had to go through those things last year. I hope you figure what it going on now. Best Wishes. :flowers:
  5. Sending you a big hug ((((((((( )))))))))))

    hope you feel better soon.
  6. it could be... like the reason it doesnt feel like my appendix is because my lower lower area kinda hurts.
    I hope it is something non threatening .
    I finally got off my butt today and took a shower, I hadnt had one since like monday and my head was itching haha. I just need to have faith like I did with everything else. Sometimes I just get so tired of being sick but DH has been AMAZING helping me out and my mom is being such a freakin meanie over it. Like she is tired of hearing about my problems, well news flash mama, you're not the one dealing with it, I am and it sucks. haha. Thanks for the support gals.
    my CT is on friday hopefully they will be able to get the radiologist to read it before the weekend.
  7. Tell her it's her fault. You inherited her genes.

    Keep us up to date on what happens, okay?
  8. It is possible that you have a whole systemic thing going on, meaning there is some reason you are having these could be organic (physical) or emotional, or more likely a combo of both, as many conditions are.
  9. I know its not emotional. haha. Its more pain like just a while ago i took a shower and bent over to get the towel and there was a pinching right below my belly button and it hurt. and like 2 minutes ago that pain came back and I pushed on it and it hurt. This sucks I just wanna go back to work and be healthy . Hopefully I get answers soon
  10. Hope you get through this, whatever it may be! You sound like a brave girl, I don't know if I could deal with all you've been through this past year.
    My best wishes to you!!

    PS I have no idea what your pains may be, sowwy.
  11. I had an infetction in my right kidney with the symptoms exactly as you describe. No pain when peeing. It wasn't my urinary tract that was infected (which causes the burning sensation) but only my kidney.

    I was treated with Sulfa drugs.
  12. See thats what Im thinking it is, dr has tried Cipro and Macrobid and it really doesnt seem to be helping but then again I only took the cipro for 2 days and macrobid for 2 days.

    Were they able to diagnose it with a CT or how did they know? Thanks
  13. I am soooo sorry!! Bless your heart!! I can relate to being young and sick, I have had 3 heart surgeries in the past 2 years, and I am only 23! Hang in there, and always try to keep your head up, I know it can be VERY depressing and frustrating. *HUGS* to you sweet girl!!!
  14. Maybe it is an ovarian cyst?