New Prison Break!

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  1. I actually hyperventilated when I saw the trailer. It was like immediate tears. This has been the ONLY show I've never ever missed. I watched every episode on TV and I've probably seen the whole series 5-6 times. A new season is AWESOME.


    Hopefully Sarah uses another Tano bag
  2. Holy smokes I had no idea this was coming back! I loved this show in Seasons 1-2 and they started losing me in season 3+ but I think it's the right time for this to come back. Wentworth Miller looks great, he had let himself go for awhile but him, Dominic Purcell and Sarah Wayne Callies are all look in top form. Great preview video
  3. I'm dying to know the story behind him still being alive.
    Plus he has new tattoos so I'm thinking he was planning his new escape. I'm so excited.
  4. Can't wait
  5. Just FYI, this starts up on April 4th!

  6. yay, can't wait!
  7. I had the TV on in the background last night and heard them say something about it. I figured they meant they were bringing back the old episodes until I looked it up online. I'm so excited!!!!
  8. Im still on Season 2 but im loving this show, its probably one of my favourite shows of all time so far, im glad they're bringing it back for a final season.
  9. Anyone watch on Tuesday? Seems very Homeland-ish but I am really interested to see how it all plays out. Wentworth Miller, who plays Michael, had gotten very heavy and almost recognizable. Glad to see him back at a healthy weight again.....very attractive man