New Print!

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. I like it!:tup:
  3. The trim is the hotness, right? :drool: lol Nice to see a different color on the stripe in the canvas collection too. Hopefully it will hold up nicely.....maybe even better than the white!
  4. Oh that's cute! Make mine a Mandeville, please.
  5. I was just gonna post this...... I like this new print and I am wondering if they are links of chains.
  6. I really like that print.....
  7. i wish i didn't like it, because i should stop buying, but Love it! haha
  8. I love this new print. It goes well with anything - the black patent leather trim is just darn pretty!
  9. It's got a bit of elegance to it, yes? :yes:
  10. It does! I'm thinking this may be like the next saddle print (the versatality of the print) - if they make this in various styles of course.
  11. I'm loving this print, is the carlisle the only picture available? I would love to see it on the mandeville.
  12. Are they not supposed to be showing this picture because the it's listed as the fulani print?
  13. What is this????

  14. ^ yes, what is that????
  15. Oh gosh...more bags! No mas!!!! lol.