New Print 2009 -- Save your money (again)!

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  1. #1 Aug 13, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2008

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  2. I love it and I am a bunny girl so the bunny makes me want it even more.. cannot wait to get my hands on one.. thanks
  3. a party-type print?? And it looks like people in halloween costume?? LOVES it!! i don't think i'll have any trouble sporting that print off-season hehe.. can't wait to see the whole print!
  4. It's a New Years Eve print :smile:
  5. Really cute! I love the party theme, but hrm, I think I fancy carnivale more since the colours are darker here. And the green leather :s
  6. It's cute,
    But I can't see myself wearing it all year long.
    None of the new prints really appeal to me actually. :Push:
    And the green leather...
  7. Oh gosh more???? I was so hoping to stop. I think this one is okay but I like the designs better where he has more Asian girls. These latest ones seems to be small characters only.
  8. So much money for TokiDoki. >_< I spend so much of my money on it. :yahoo:
  9. ^ i agree. i usually get these types of prints (seasonal) in the smaller bags, as i know i won't wear it often.
  10. Does anyone have a swatch of this new print?
  11. I love it!!! And the seasonal print doesn't bother me. I use my vacanze all year long!! It's appropriate for winter of course, and when I wear it during any other season, it represents my longing for winter to come back!! (I live in New Mexico and the summers are way too hot!!) So I'm loving the new print. That one and the concerto are must-haves for me..
  12. yeap, yeap, i carry my vacanze print all year long too (it's my only tokidoki). i dont feel it is that christmasy because it is such a busy print. i think u tend to see the cute characters more so than the background of snow, etc. :shame:
  13. I use my Vacanze all year too because I use it as my baby bag. My DS loves it and people always stop me and tell me my bag is cute.
  14. I can't wait for this print to come out. They are so cute.
  15. Eee! I love it!