New Prices On Eluxury!!!

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  1. The price increase has taken effect on eluxury. The price of the Marilyn is now $1250! :nogood:
  2. Will go check it out. :sneaky: Thanks!
  3. pls don't tell me the wallets have increased in price too...*crosses fingers*
  4. None of the Vernis wallets I had my eye on have increased.... yet.
  5. Saleya PM went up $40 -- to $925.
  6. The Vernis bag I want went up 40 bucks, as did my Batignolles Vertical. :wtf:
  7. yeah the Vernis bags went up but not the smaller items.
  8. $2000 for a multicolor speedy is offensive?!?!
  9. Wow Vernis went up a lot. and the jasmin too!
  10. Well, at least the Mono Speedy 25 didn't go up....that's all I want for now. :smile:

    Although I wanted a few Vernis pieces... :yucky:
  11. Vernis zippy ^ from 675.00 to 710.00
    Epi speedy 25 ^ from 840.00 to 880.00
    Denim Baggy PM ^ from 1210.00 to 1270.00
    Mono BH still down from my original purchase price = I paid 815.00 down still at 740.00
    Epi soufflot ^ from 1080.00 to 1120.00
    Vernis Brentwood ^ 1390.00 to 1450.00
    Epi Passy ^ 1240.oo to 1300.00

  12. Multicolore Pouchette Accessories went up 30 bucks...620?? I want it so bad but that is a bit much!
  13. Ugh, the MC Ursula went from $1870 to $1950. *grrrr*

    MC Zippy $675 .... now $710.
  14. I remember when they were $1500 and now at $2000 is just ridiculous to me. :tdown:
  15. ^^^^^^

    They were $1250 when they first came out !!!!!