New Prices Confirmed for Feb. 1st

  1. O.K. Ladies...
    I just got back from the Chanel Boutique at Saks and my SA showed me the new price list for Feb. 1st :nuts:

    Caviar Classic Flap (10x6) $1595...increased price $1995
    Lambskin Classic $1750...increased price $2150
    Petit Shopping Tote $1095...increased price $1395
    Grand Shopping $1650...increased price $1950
    Medallion $1650...increased price $1950

    I wanted to purchase another timeless classic bag before the price increase so she looked in the system and found ONE large white caviar classic flap left in the whole system and guess what.....IT'S MINE!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I'm excited because she says the white classic flaps never make it to the sales floor because they only get 2 or 3 in and there is always a wait list for them.
  2. Congrats on getting the bag you wanted!!!!! :nuts:

    I just ordered a bag too....I wanted to beat the price increase:yes: . Thanks for posting this!!!!!
  3. Holy cow!
  4. These are the medium correct? Or is the lambskin price the jumbo?

    I ask because the Caviar Jumbo is $1,695 now, and $1,850 for the Red for S/S2007 per the lookbook, and I was told it was expected to increase to $2,250.

    I'm just like this :wtf: about the price increase.
  5. Jeez. That's a hefty increase.
  6. Personally, Im happy they are increasing the prices. Makes chanel a bit LESS attainable and accessable. Makes it more exclusive, like it once used to be.

    so far, only the classic prices are increasing? or is every piece scheduled to increase? anyone confirm?
  7. That is a large increase!!
  8. Congrats on your new bag!

    So Cambon will not increase?
  9. Are the reissues going up?
  10. The reissues already went up. The cruise 2007 reissues were hundreds above the ones released for SS2006.

    The 227 went from $2,090 to $2,375.:yes:
  11. :wtf: :shocked: :shocked: :wtf: ..Well put!

  12. Holy crap!
  13. :sad: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  14. OMG :wtf::wtf: The increase is $300-$400 per bag? thats crazy. :shocked::shocked:
  15. Ouch! But I guess it is better knowing than not knowing, you can consider this the biggest presale ever!