New Prices Already In The Systems!!

  1. I just called the Chanel Botique in Las Vegas and she said the new prices were already in the systems!! As of only a few minutes ago! But she said she was going to over ride the price b/c it's not suppose to be in there until tomorrow!! Just wanted everyone to know!!!

  2. ^^^That's amazing!

    The lovely PFers here contributed to Chanel's skyrocketing sales. January was a fantastic month for Chanel.

    I wonder when the stores will be getting their SS 07 stock? Has anyone heard? Also I wonder when will the "Classic bags" be replenished that everyone bought?:amuse:

    I am eager to see new stock for the upcoming season. I guess I have spring fever for bags.
  3. I shopped w/ the Chanel Boutique in Vegas today also. If anyone would like info on their stock PM me and I will give you my S/A info.

  4. What did you get??!!:yes:
  5. Anyone have a definitive list or idea of what will and won't be affected by the price increase? There seems to be conflicting information between some of the threads.
  6. yeap, in singapore ... they only notify customer on last minute, it applies as today
  7. yup...jumbo caviar classic flap ...was SGD$ 1 Feb SGD$3860

    but for the GST...still the same price SGD$3080...(i think they forgotten to update this px)
  8. ^ anyone want to snatch me a GST?? :nuts:
  9. WOW and Congrats!!!