New price for Damier Azure Saleya PM

  1. Just talked to LV. $885 for saleya pm azure starting tomorrow. That's a little under 4% increase from $855. I asked if I could purchase now and save the difference and was told flat out NO. Just thought I would pass that on to everybody. I know it's only $30, but it still bites!
  2. I must be living under a rock, because I wasn't aware that LV was going to do a price increase. Do they do this every year? Sorry, I'm an LV newbie. Have always dreamed of owning one and now my dreams are coming true. :smile:
  3. It's actually the third time this year :sad:
  4. That's too bad, in the past the would always honor old prices for about a week after the 'official' rise.
  5. I went to the store this afternooon, my SA told me the azur line price will reminds the increase..

    Hmmm ..did I get that right?? by the Azur speedy..must have!!!

  6. ditto!!!
  7. Elux should have Azur on sale either midnight (pacific time) or sometime in the morning..