New price comparsion among US/Can/HK

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  1. Hi all, I'm from a place where there's no Chanel boutique around :tdown:. But I will visit US/Cdn/HK in the next couple of months. I would like to know where I can get a better deal :idea: Can anyone can find out the new increased (before taxes) prices for:

    1) Medium Classic Flap
    Cavier - US$1,995 / Cdn$x,xxx / HK$xx,xxx
    Lambskin - US$2,150 / Cdn$$x,xxx / HK$xx,xxx

    2) 2.55 Reissue
    225 - US$1,895 / Cdn$x,xxx / HK$xx,xxx
    226- US$1,995 / Cdn$x,xxx / HK$xx,xxx
  2. The 2.55 Reissue 226 is now US$2395
  3. Medium Classic Flap in lambskin = HK$16,xxx
  4. Thanks xegbl & LuvBirkin. Any chance you can find out the price for other size/leather? Very much appreciated! :tup:
  5. Anyone know the price in Cdn$ ??? :confused1:
  6. I think the prices are all the same. The only diff is HK has no tax.