New Prada Toys!

  1. I'll come up with ANY excuse to buy some new goodies. Since I went over to the Orange side, I feel like I've got to be SO protective of the new baby. My clanky old keys on a generic type of key chain kept smacking into the Bolide everytime I picked it up with the same hand my keys were in. Soooooo................

    NEW KEY CASE! My only gripe is Prada needs to get with the new century: keys have HUGE tops to them with all the door and alarm buttons, so it was tough to get that on the hooks it has. It took some creativity, but I made it work.

    Since we're in matchy-matchy mode I also got a saffiano cosmetic case so I could do away with my cheap nylon drugstore one. And here are the Golden Girls!


    2007_1003Image0103.JPG 2007_1003Image0107.JPG

    Everything, including my Prada Gauffre zip wallet, sits so nicely into my Bolide now. :love:
  2. Wow! Congrats!:tup:
  3. Very nice Elaine, I am also going to be getting new accessories after the Holidays.

    I too am crossing to the orange side. I have a ways to go, but I hope to be there by 3/08 if not earlier. I am being such a good girl right now, you wouldn't believe it. LOL
  4. Congrats!
  5. Wow...I LOVE your new toys! :girlsigh:
  6. Omg, too cute!! Especially the keychain. I want a Gucci wallet. I keep my keys to a minimum - car, apt and some supermarket discount cards. lol
  7. very nice! i love the color.
  8. Congratulations.
    I just got a wallet on a chain in the SAME leather color combo!!!!
  10. Congrats on your new cases!!

    Wow.. the color makes your key case and cosmetic case so luxury :tup:
  11. Congrats! Your girls are gorgeous!
  12. gorgeous, congrats!!
  13. I love them :smile:
  14. This leather/colour is proving very poular, i'll have to post pics of my new wallet.
    The key holder looks so cute, I just always thought those things were completely impractical, I always put my keys in a zip compartment inside my bag but maybe it's time I got a key holder. Can you take a pic of you holding a key from it to I get an idea how big it is??
  15. Congrats!! I LOVE your new toys!!!!! ...I matchy match my stuff too lol..we're such girly girls lol!!!!