New Prada Thigh High Boot

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  1. Thoughts on the new Prada thigh high boot. B.Goodman site for $1400.00
  2. Here's a pic:

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  3. I like them but I could NEVER pull them off, espec in a hot climate where I live. You probably have to be 6'0+ to ever wear them. I'm 5'2. They would come up to my chin!!
  4. haha.. same with me

  5. And weigh 100 pounds. I can't get any of the major designers boots to zip up and I'm fairly average in my size/build. I can't begin to imagine how skinny you'd have to be to get those puppies on. :wtf:

    Side note: Every time I see these things, it reminds me of Pretty Woman: "You make $100 an hour and you've got a safety pin holding your boots up?"
  6. Ohh, I am seriously loving those boots. I have some really old (but still in good shape) Chanel thigh-high boots that I still whip out every few years. I'm 5 ft 9 1/2 so I do like to rock that look, but since I'm not 20 anymore I pair them with a more conservative mid-calf, straight black skirt with a side slit to mid thigh -- people just get a peek at the boots when I am walking. I have been told they also look pretty hot when I wear 'em with just my birthday suit :roflmfao:
  7. I'm only 5 ft 2" and the last time I tried on thigh high boots, they came up to my you know what. :P

    I'm not keen on the shape of the heel. Kinda boring and awkward looking for such sexy shoes. If I'm wearing thigh high boots, I want the boots to be 100% sexy right now to the heels.
  8. :graucho::graucho:.....hey now! My DH would probably ask how much they cost first, lol.
  9. hope somone can waer it..
  10. Oh baby I saw those....LOVE THEM!!!! If I had that kind of $$ to burn I'd buy them and vacuum in them..wear them down the driveway to get the mail..p*ss off the neighbors..etc....but I couldn't pull them off in public..I am ALMOST 43 and I would def be mistaken for a floozy if I wore these to the but oh I'd love too:graucho:
  11. These are gorgeous. I already have a pair of black thigh-high boots so I can't really justify more. I'm 46 but I have long legs so I still rock 'em every once in a while - usually with a longer skirt, as alouette mentioned. And they really make DH's eyes light up, no matter what I wear them with. :graucho:
  12. Stunning boots! For me, they belong to the walkway.
  13. They are nice but I don't particularly care for the heel..