New Prada Shoe Pics !!!love Them!!

  1. [​IMG] super comfy..perfect fit!yeah! Thank goodness-I heard Styledrops is a PIA to do returns with!!!LOL!:yes:
  2. Those are extremely cute!! How is the sizing? I have several pairs of Prada and they are all different. I am always scared to order them online... sometimes I can wear a 40, sometimes 40.5, sometimes 41... so I am always wary if I can't return them easily.
  3. cute shoes. they look comfy.
  4. I am always 8 1/2 in Prada-These ran perfect!
  5. Very cute! :smile:
  6. Those are so cute! I love the color.
  7. Those are adorable!! Do you mind if I ask what size you wear? Since I am usually a 10 (sometimes smaller- yay!) some shoes look soo big on my feet and never as cute as a size 6 or something.. or maybe that is just in my head.
  8. Really cute!
  9. Megs-I am an 8 1/2...
  10. wow Jill, congats!!!!!!:nuts:
    really cute!!!
  11. Jill ~ They Are Absolutely Gorgeous!!! Enjoy!
  12. AH!! Holy moly, those are too effin' cute Jill! I love that they have buckles and have the old style Prada stamped on the toe area.