New Prada Saffiano Twin bag

  1. I prefer this style over the one with the locks on top.

    Saw them today when I walked past the Prada boutique. Nice update to the classicof saffiano lux totes in my opinion. I think they will be very popular
  2. I'm really liking the look of the double! Might get it in blue! Hi, LC :wave::wave:---hope you are staying warm!
  3. i like it except fot the top where the stitching is looks rather cheap..
  4. I like this one that you posted, especially the blue with red inside, and the middle compartment.
  5. I wonder if lack of standard jacquard lining is a good or bad thing. More luxurious or a way for Prada to cut costs to bring up stock price.

  6. I really like this bag....
  7. looks really nice! want to see it in person soon.
  8. anyone has in-real modelling pics pls???
  9. Twin Bag -- It would be annoying getting into that bag especially when you're in a hurry.

    Double Bag -- I like the contrasting colors but I've always told myself for a big purse like that, the handles should fold down. It would be too cumbersome to put this on your lap when you're sitting down and the handles are sticking up on your face, especially if you're 5'3" like me.
  10. I actually like this bag!:loveeyes::loveeyes: