New Prada Saffiano in Fuoco red hottt!!!

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  1. Very nice! Love the color. Congrats!
  2. i think it should be the smallest size for saffiano tote that come with detachable strap: BN2316

    Medium: BN1801
    Largest: BN2274
  3. It in 30 cm I think this is medium:smile: I live the color I Couldn't find anywhere in prada shop but I got it from small shop in my town where they sale many brands:smile: I am glad I got it. But the smell of the leather is queit annoying though :smile:
  4. amazing red!!!!! gorgeous, i start to love this bag, do you know how many sizes this saffiano came for?
  5. Gorgeous color.
  6. Nice Red :smile:
  7. ic... 30cm should be bn1801... nice color and size u have there... congrats...:roflmfao:
  8. Is the red color a special order in the bn2274?
  9. I saw the red in the MBS store in Singapore last weekend! Gorgeous!