New Prada Pythons

  1. I was just browsing through Neiman's and Saks Prada collections. Aren't these new pythons gorgeous, Neiman's has the brownish shade and Saks the Grey
    prada pitone python 2620.jpg prada python gray 2620.jpg
  2. Here's mine!

  3. Better picture!

  4. ^yummy!drooling!
  5. I love that bag.
  6. Wow! Just gorgeous! I saw some other styles at Saks the other day.
  7. Thanks! I like the blue in the middle. Although I admit the style is not very cutting edge, the bag is light and easy to use. ;)
  8. Its absolutely gorgeous. I love the braided straps, a classic.
  9. Congrats Cougess. =)
  10. Gorgeous!