new prada purse

  1. Hi everyone, I just bought my wife her first Prada handbag (no, NOT from eBay!!) and this may be a dumb question but is there something that needs to be done to help protect the leather or is it fine the way it is? I don't want her to spray anything on it if it's going to possibly damage the purse!!!

  2. Hi and what a great DH you are!! WHat kind of leather is it? I usually don't spray mine w/ anything and they're done splendidly in all types of weather.
  3. What a great husband you are! It really depends on its leather type and color. If it is a light color bag, just be careful not to let jeans be next to it and rubbed it. Jeans is famous on color transferring to bags. So, what kind of bag is that? Do you have a link to show us?