New PRADA GOODIES!more pics added!

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  1. First 2....(Chanel flats and Prada heels) r from FLORENCE,Italy store..which was quite SMALL..very little stock!
    Prada boots were purchased yesterday at SAKS for ONLY 575.00!!!!!LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!

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  2. I love the Prada heels and the boots! Wear them in good health!
  3. Beautiful purchases! Lucky you!
  4. :nuts:
    so pretty!!! congrats!!!!
  5. woooo-hooooo! Love them all - great job!
  6. oh finally... the pics that we've been waiting for :smile:

    great purchases Jill!!!! i'm drooling over those prada shoes.. they are just too cute! (and look like perfect height to me)

    the chanel flats and the prada boots look amazing too!!! congrats!!! :biggrin:
  7. Woohooo, finally! I love the Chanel flats! Thanks for sharing!
  8. LOVE those boots Jill!! And they were a good price.

    Sorry about no stock in Florence, must be cleaned out. But I love the shoes you got there, and you'll always remember where you bought them.
  9. gorgeous! congrats Jill :smile:
  10. Excellent choices! Everything's so beautiful!
  11. Love the boots!
  12. Oooh loves!!! Those rusched shoes are TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy! Congrats on your loot....So did you have fun or what?!?!
  13. ^YeAH,we had a blast!The Prada store there was just restocking for fall so the walls were BARE(LITERALLY)they brought the fall shoes out from the back for me..LOL!..I made them,hehe
  14. Oh, I love them all! Great choices. Must of been so fun to shop in Italy
  15. lov them... congarts