New Prada D'orsays!!loves Them!!

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  1. [​IMG] are these hot or what???LMAO!Wore them today with comfy and cute..They are that burnished brown prada leather with a gold buckle.....So nice and not a high heel!

    My Prada SA found them for they sold out of her store already...WOOHOO!
  2. OMG Jill!!! LOVE the shoes!!! :love: Gorgeous!
  3. Cute Jill! :yes:
  4. They look great on you - my feet were too fat! :crybaby:
    If anyone else is looking, some NM stores carry this style!
  5. I wore them all day..NO PROBS..LOL..So cute with jeans...
  6. Holy Cow. Those are swanky.
  7. Love them Jill!!!!!!
  8. I love them too!!
  9. That is gorgeous Jill!
  10. shoes look great!
  11. They are HOT shoes Jill - I love them!
  12. they look great on you! :biggrin:
  13. I love them. You always have awesome taste
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