New Prada Delivery Today!!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    I got the Ruched black leather gloves and the buckle pumps..LOVE THEM!!!!! The gloves were 455.00 and the pumps were 380-...too cute....the gloves have a adorable!:heart: :heart:
  2. Ahh, they are both just lovely, I especially like those gloves!

    I love looking at your lovely Prada stuff!!


  3. Beautiful! I love those gloves!
  4. They are GORGEOUS!!
  5. looks great! enjoy!
  6. The gloves are gorgeous!!! They look so soft and comfy. The shoes are lovely as well...good for you! Another successful Prada purchase for Jill...
  7. They are both fab - especially the gloves!! Bet your SA loves you! LOL
  8. Tomorrow She is sending me a bunch of brown leather bags....just to look at cuz I cant decide which I want....PHH is gonna die...LOL..Ill probably buy them all and he will shoot me..LMAO
  9. Great purchases, Jill! You're all set for fall/winter!
  10. Lovely! specially the pumps!
  11. very nice Jill!
  12. Love both. Gloves are gorgeous!

  13. Smart SA!

    She knows once you see and pet those bags...there will be no sending them back! :graucho:
  14. Can I come over just to touch the leather on your gloves? Looks stunning! Love your Prada collection
  15. I love the gloves, they are beautiful.. =)