New Prada Boots!!!love!!

  1. [​IMG] Just got these today with my Prada shipment..LOVE the embroidery on the toe..super cute!!!:heart: :heart:
  2. Awww ... these are pretty
  3. Cute! How high is the heel?
  4. its not a huge heel ..maybe 2 1/2..I have bad back..cant wear high heels
  5. Very hot looking pair of boots Jill!!!!
  6. They are gorgeous!
  7. Nice boots!!!!!
  8. Almost bought them yesterday... they didn't have my size... LOVE THEM JILL!!
  9. Gorgeous girl!!!:heart:
  10. They are gorgeous.
  11. Just a heads up on my Prada boots..They ran half a size..Which has NEVER EVER happened before.......I got them in 39 instead of 38 1/ case you wanted to know how they run!:yes:
  12. Very nice. :yes:

    Love the embroidery! :heart:
  13. Those are gorgeous!!
  14. beautiful shoes, as ever!!!!!congrats Jill!!:biggrin::heart:
  15. nice!!! congrats on your boots....