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  1. NM just posted a bunch of new bags on their website. Check them out!!!!
  2. Ah yes, per our prev discussion. I need to find three jobs!!!!!
  3. i did check by the time i had to checkout they were gone:sad: really upset
  4. A friend of mine who totally doesn't understand my pasion for bags thinks that I should rent mine out so that I could afford to keep my habit going. I don't think she knows what I would have to charge as rental fees - lol! And I couldn't imagine someone else using my babies.

  5. Oh heavens no!! I would shudder at the thought of a perfect stranger using my bags. A friend of mine just told me she signed up for and thought she was an absolute fashionista. It was cute. I'm teaching her, slowly but surely. ;)
  6. ^^Hee hee! I need to be more like her. Ladies and Gents....did you see the two pocket satchel Cervo Shine bag I was talking about??

    Thanks to Alouette pointing that out to me....I am in trouble. you all love it or the hobo? I am going insanely out of my mind! I think this is super cool and I could totally use it for baby/work/ could you both!
  7. Why is the tote $300 more than the hobo?:confused1:

  8. I remember you telling me about that bag ryry! It's so hot and soo you! I love both actually. Does the satchel fit over the shoulder nicely? I like the hobo too....why did Prada make it so hard this season to pick bags???????

    I'm no help A. I love both utterly and completely - in cervo shine to boot! Geesh Prada!!!!!!!!
  9. Have either of you every asked a SA from a department store if they would match Joanna's prices? I don't think Joanna is getting the black in the hobo. But then do I want that hobo in black or do I want this one??? It has always been hard for me to make bag decisions. Alot of the time I end up buying multiple bags when I can't decide.

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  10. BL, why do you HAVE to post all these gorgy pics of these bags, darn you!!!!! LOL

    Well one hobo is considerably larger than the other. Both are stunning in their own right. One being cervo shine and the other being soft calf I presume. How much do you hold and are you looking for a smaller bag or larger one? I'd buy both if I could. If that's gold h/w on the smaller hobo, call me smitten.
  11. Decisions, decisions, decisons, decisions......

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  12. I love the vitello shine tote and that 2 pocket satchel is TDF!
  13. It does look gold, but I think Joanna told me it was silver. Ya - I would like both, and therein lies my problem. I don't like small bags. I think the soft calf one is 16" wide but only 9-10" high. That would work. The cervo shine hobo is about same width but higher. One is more classy (the calf) and the other more edgy. Two entirely different looks. I need them both :nuts:
    but there is no way :crybaby:

  14. And I need to be on the look out for a great red bag to go with these CLs. Let me know if you see something that rocks.

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  15. Holy crap! What the heck...I am loving all of these. I talked to my SA at NM...she said the hobo over the satchel- she has seen both and said she liked the hobo better....:smile: I like both still...I am going in at the end of this week or beginning of next to look at her lookbook again b/c I am out of pocket this week...again.