New Prada bag pix... for your enjoyment!

  1. Here's a few new Prada bags I saw yesterday - I wasn't able to take ALL of them for fear of being snagged by security - so I took a few of them and I'll describe the rest..

    It looks like Neiman's has another Antic Cervo line in the brown again - I did not see the E/W satchel but saw the hobo and 2 other styles, which I can't recall what they were but they were styles we've already seen - maybe this is old stock and they put it out, but I don't think so since I have been there for the past 3 weeks and they did not have any of these out until today.

    Then there is the metallic leather line... there are 2 pics shown here - 1 is a bowler style similar to Jill's black bowler but in a metallic leather and the other style is like a tote - there was 1 more which you can see to the left of the tote but I didn't take a pic of that bag. The metallic is a gradation from black to a platinumy-bronze color.. it's tough to describe!

    Saks had these same bags as well. That's it for now ladies - I didn't make it to Prada... but you already know what some of those bags look like from Jill's thread about the "trunks".

    Oh! and best of all in my opinon... is that the Gauffre Bowler is available in a dark pretty brown!! Hope you can see the leather gradation in this pic - leather is lambskin like the past gauffres we've seen.
    P6170101_brown_bowler.JPG P6170102_metallicbowler.JPG P6170103_metallictote.JPG
  2. Is the bowler in the middle smaller than the Gauffre bowler? If so, I may have to save up some money, if it comes in something besides metallic that is. These new funky Prada finishes don't seem to hold up too well. I'd rather have a solid color.

    Speaking of saving up, how much is that bowler? Were you able to scope out a price tag in the midst of your subterfuge? ;)
  3. Uh oh. I bought the bowler (still contemplating whether or not to keep it). :rolleyes: It is smaller than the gaufre and costs about $1790. It also has a shoulder strap that is a normal length. Its really pretty in real life though and I am a sucker for metallics. Its a bronzey color.
  4. Beautiful bags!!! You are a great con-Prada-picture-snapper!! :amuse:
  5. Megs... Heh heh... I try! I had to be so low-key this time and could not take *all* the bags I wanted - if the same security guy catches me again I'd probably die with embarrassment! :rolleyes:

    Also, glad Cougess you know the prices and measurements - I surely do not.
  6. I love this shape:

    Hopefully, it will come out in a different finish...I don't have much luck with "special" finishes, either, PP!
  7. Yummmm on the Gauffre... it's got that same edible look the brown Coffer has, like wavy chocolate! And I love the bowler, too.

    Pad, you're our very own Pink Panther! I was hearing that music as I read your post and viewed the pics!
  8. ;) Minette - you are too cute!! I will try to get more pix this week - I have to go back and pick up a purse I bought on pre-sale! :nuts:
  9. Thanks for sharing. =)
  10. ^you're the bomb Pad!!!!! Thanx for sharing bud!!!
  11. Thank you so much! great pics!
  12. love the bowling, thanks for the pics!

  13. Great secret agent photo shots pad! Love the gauffre bowler.
    AND, what is the presale bag??? Can't wait to see more pics!
  14. they look great, thanks!:tup:
  15. thank you for these beautiful pictures :heart: