New PRADA(and Vince..LOL!) JACKET.....FROM K OF P TRIP Yesterday

  1. So at the PF meet ..I didnt buy purses..I ended up with 2 new jackets...LMAO..go figure.I got a Prada black jacket at NM for has a detachable rain hood..and is lined.LOVE IT!
    The second one is a leather vince jacket...for 640...I dont normally like short jackets..BUT Jillybean and Doulos convinced me to get it!!!LMBO!PS-Jillybean looked WAY better in it!!
    What do ya think???

  2. Ooooh, the Prada jacket makes your 22-inch waist look like it's 18 inches, and the Vincent jacket....can I saw gor-geous. I left my leather coat on Press Row of the Frank Erwin Center in Austin two years ago and I need a new one. Care package?
  3. You rock these!! Love the leather one, looks so comfy!!
  4. ^AWE! Thanks..I was a little concerned about the shorter jacket(Leather)...cuz I normally like them my big a*s..LMBO...
  5. ^ Jill if you have a big a**, I better send in a video application for the next Biggest Loser Show! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. ^ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^I swear..My 10 year old tells me all the time how skinny I am ..then says ..well...except for your big butt MOM...HEE.HEE.
  7. Jill! You looks so elegant and classy in the Prada jacket. Beautiful! Those are great purchases and I know you will be constantly getting compliments when you have them on.
  8. I think with your gorgeous figure and your classy style you will pull both looks off beautifully!
  9. Jill, you look great as always. You have fabulous taste. =)
  10. I never come to this forum but had to see what you bought at the K of P meeting.

    I love them both and the leather looks fab on you!
  11. ^Thanks so much everyone..I actually wore the Prada today in this nasty rain and its GREAT!
  12. Love that prada coat! It looks so comfy!
  13. I love both jackets :heart::heart::heart: and my goodness, Jill you are gorgeous!! Your figure is just amazing!! :love:
  14. It looks fabulase.
  15. ^^^Agreed. They look great on!