New Prada and Dolce bag.

  1. I had a poll a while ago which one to get. I ended up with buying both.:sick:
    Here they are
    dolce.JPG prada.JPG
  2. wow those r pretty big bags
  3. They are so nice, good job.
  4. the prada bag is nice (although a bit big) but i'm not really feeling the dolce. but great job if you're happy with them!
  5. cute bags!
  6. Congrats on your new bags! The Prada is really nice!
  7. Love the Prada...where did you get it...and if you dont much!???
  8. WOW!! pretty!! Congrats!! Enjoy both bags!!
  9. I bought it from Saks, it is 1475 before tax. has white color available now.
  10. LOVE the orange to death!
  11. Is the the Dolce anniversary bag? How is the leather? Beautiful bags, enjoy.
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. They are beautiful. I really like that Prada, beautiful color
  14. Love the prada! can't really see the D&G. Congrats!
  15. Yeah, it comes with a metal tag saying anniversary bag. The leather is washed leather. So has some wrinkles on it. Love the smell and it doesn't easily get scratches. The twisted leather handles are very comfortable when wearing on shoulder.