NEW! Pouchette MM mc blanc

  1. :yes: This is my new mm pouchette!

    I thought it was so cute and of course, wanted to share.

    :yahoo: ps: also just learning to finally post pictures!
  2. Hey, that's cute, haven't seen it yet????? when did it come out? Man I need to get to a store!!
  3. That is VERY cute ... do you have a photo of the interior?? :heart:
  4. :nuts: Congrats!!! Oh..that's what it's call. Very nice indeed,ENJOY!!!
  5. Very cute! I think that another PF'er drew a picture of that asking about it!
  6. When DID that come out?! It's not even in the catalogues yet!!!
  7. Ok, need more info. How big, price range (if you don't mind), interior, etc.....I was thinking of a wapity, but maybe I'd do this instead....
  8. That is soooo cute...
    I'd like to know how much it was, if you don't mind.
    And seeing that you live in Edmonton, you can give me a CAD price! :nuts:
  9. Oh it´s gorgeous!
  10. omg it's gorgeous!!! how much is it and can you please show the interior?
  11. so cute! i wanna run to lv to get it right now!!
  12. :drool: it's soooo cute. i want one too.
  13. Your new mm pouchette is really cute and gorgeous!
    I love it and definitely want one as well!
  14. Oooooh I LOVE it...yes please give us the details on that wonderfulness!
  15. I NEED that piece. What was the retail on it? If you don't mind me asking.