New pouch design

  1. Saw this pouch in Japan goyard. According to SA, it's a new design. Size is 25×19×6cm. Price in Japan is around 99000 yen for classic colors.
    IMG_4014.jpg IMG_4016.jpg IMG_4017.jpg IMG_4018.jpg IMG_4019.jpg
  2. Thanks for the info. That looks nice. It's too bad that this wasn't available when I needed a pouch for toiletries and went with LV instead.
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  4. The Jouvence toiletries case is currently offered in the US. Pricing is $795 for black and $1,035 for special colors.
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  5. I wish I'd bought this last year. I just checked the price and it's $970 for Black and $1260 for Special Colors in US.
  6. cool...
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