New Posts??

  1. Why isn't the "new posts" selection not showing up? I have everything but that. Am I doing something wrong? This never happened to me before. TIA
  2. I just noticed that my search button is also gone. Also, when I'm looking at a thread it doesn't show up how many members are reading that particular thread. One more thing, sometimes when I click on a thread it takes awhile to load & then a page comes up saying "the purse forum database error". Is it just me? :confused1:
  3. Thanks Pursegrrl....I freaked out when I noticed things were missing & didn't bother checking around for answers first! Glad to know it's not just me though. I can't wait for this to get fixed...I'm lost without some of these
  4. Vlad's just trying to "lighten our load" until he gets it all back and running quickly:yes:
  5. I am sad...I really love that New Posts quick button!

    Thank you Vlad for working so hard to make things work! It isn't time for an even bigger server, is it?? :upsidedown:
  6. ahhhh technology....
  7. Not a bigger one... number 5. Yes, we are on 4 servers now, this would be number 5. I think it may be time for shopping for yet another server!
  8. Wow!!
  9. Hopefully we will bring back this option soon :yes:
  10. Well, I think you are all doing great! It shows that you care just by making the changes and additions that you have...and we all appreciate it very much!!!