New Poster with 2 new bags-opinions??

  1. Hi everyone! I recently ordered 2 bags from the NM after- Christmas sale. I am trying to decide if I am going to keep one or both of them. What are your opinions of the bags, and does anyone have them who can comment on the comfort and quality? I pretty much only get satchels(I love hobos on other people, but cant stand them for myself) and dont mind carrying a bag on my arm rather than shoulder.;jsessionid=VDJSNPPMKULOOCQAAKJRABI?itemId=prod38060146&parentId=cat13790759&masterId=cat8380737&index=6&cmCat=cat000000cat980731cat8450747cat8380737cat13790759

    this bag in cream(with brown trim)
  2. Both nice! They're kind of similar in style - both look hand held bowler style. Couldn't really choose between them to be honest - the MJ might be slightly edgier with the burgundy stitching on the navy bag. But the Gryson is a great colour and style two. To be honest I would have a hard time chosing. I like that style of bag too. Have you got them already? I would suggest having a 'trying on' session to see which works the best for you.

    Welcome to the forum by the way!
  3. Oh, I looooove the MJ Aline Satchel! The other is nice, but kindof looks "stuffy". I saw a girl the other day with the Aline Satchel in grey and I loved how it looked.
    Go with that one!!!
  4. Thanks. I really like them both. The Marc is cute and a good size for everyday, although I like the leather in some of his other is bags better, such as The Dr. Q.
    The Gryson is really beautiful, but a little bigger than I expected. It would be the perfect plane and travel bag and for days when I needed to carry a little more stuff.
    How does everyone feel about Gryson quality?
    Do you think these are longer term bags? I tend to keep and use mine for a long time.
  5. congrats!!!
  6. Wow, tough choice! The Gryson is beautiful and I hear their quality is very good but it just doesn't seem like a practical purse (it's huge and looks hard to get into). The MJ seems like a much better choice in terms of practicality and price so I'd keep that one, but don't have enough experience with MJ to really comment on quality. All I've seen so far is faded metallic finishes and some problems with loose stitches in Marc by Marc Jacobs bags- all others seem to have worn well- but that's only from observation.
  7. I'm loving the Aline!!
  8. i prefer the gryson
  9. They are both very nice..... I'm a shoulder bag kind of gal so I wouldn't have bought either..... I'd wait and try them both on w/ your stuff in them and walk around the house before you decide which (or both!) to keep.

    And WELCOME!!!!
  10. It'd be really hard to choose. What are your color preferences and which one is softer and nicer to you in person? Both of them look really similar so I would definitely return one of them but Id have a hard time choosing unless I saw the quality in person.
  11. Gryson is one of my favorite designers and I feel they have superb quality but I've seen those styles IRL and they are not that easy to get in and out of. I don't think you could go wrong with the Marc Jacobs. Congrats.!
  12. Congrats, love the MJ.

    Welcome to the forum!
  13. Well I am definitely keeping the MJ. I think I will use it a ton and it is the perfect size.
    I still cant decide about the Gryson! The leather is beautiful and I have read good things about the quality. I just dont know if it is practical, although I think it would be for travel. I really like the look of a large brown satchel-does anyone have another suggestion if I decide not to keep it?

    I am so excited to have something other than the black Silverado Ive been carrying non-stop for ages!

    This forum is so dangerous! I ve only been on a day and now I think I need a colored purse too.