New poster....need help!

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  1. Good afternoon!

    So, this is my first post...yea! I'm so excited to find a place where my handbag obsession is actually considered normal :P. I've been reading through some of the posts, and I have to say that this forum community seems really nice and welcoming, and everyone appears to be super knowledgeable.

    Anyway, I have a bag problem. I have been searching for the perfect tan or brown handbag for months now, but nothing that I have seen screams "buy me". I live in DC, and let's just say, the options are kind of limited. I've been to Neiman's and Saks several times, but again nothing seems right. Some contenders in my crazy search have been the Kooba Maya bag, Botkier Medium Trigger bag, Tod's Kate Media Giorno, Marc Jacobs Sienna hobo, and Marc Jacobs Diane bag. I'm hesistant to buy another Marc Jacobs bag (I have three)...I really want to branch out and try something new. I'm basically looking for an everyday bag (big enough for work essentials), preferably something that might be a "classic" and not just something for the season.

    I look forward to hearing everyone's suggestions! Thanks!
  2. welcome SuLi!!! Im a new member too....Suggestions: Kooba is perfect in brown..although I love Tods...
    But in order to help you, just let me (all of us) know about the budget and your personal style..Could actually post some of the photos for you...
  3. sense of style. Well, as much as I love to learn about all the new trends out there, I think when it comes down to it, I'm pretty "conservative" in the way I dress, but try to add a bit of punch with my handbags ;) . It's definitely hard living in DC because people are more conservative with the way they dress, and it's hard to find interesting things. I miss living in NYC. Anyway, some of the bags that I have are: Marc Jacobs Venetia, Stella, and Hobo (can't remember if there was a specific name); some Longchamp (okay, I lied....maybe seven of them in various sizes and colors) and Herve Chapelier; a few Coach bags; lots of Kate Spade (mostly from her older collections...I love scouring eBay for some of her rarer bags and clutches); a well-loved LV pouchette and Piano; and 2 Prada nylon bags. Gee, I think that's a lot of handbags. Hehe. I don't really have a budget in mind - well, maybe I do...I guess I am willing to spend up to $1500 for this bag. I "try" to buy one major bag a year (although it never turns out that way). I do love the Paddington (it seems like a love of you do), but I think the wait list at my local Neiman's is full, and it might be too small for my everyday needs.
  4. actually, Check out this Kooba Marcelle in cognac

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  5. As the resident Rafe lover - I think you should consider this great designer for your purchase. These are from the Fall line:
    The smaller bag is the La Brea Renee $475. The larger bag is the La Brea Julia $575.
    Both are available at (

    And I am also fond of the Dior Diorissimo Hobo
  6. I as well recommend Bottega Veneta...Very classy and stylish...Check out their website
    some of them are just amazing!!!
  7. If I had that kind of money to spend, I'd get this one:

  8. Thanks! Great looking bags!
  9. i just completed my search for a good brown bag and decided on this one:[​IMG]

    it's the isabella fiore medium whiplash audra hobo in 'rich brown.' it's a lot bigger than it looks, the leather is quite soft, and it's the very reasonable price of $385. as far as i can tell, it's only available online at (at least this is the only place i've been able to find it). the studs and tassles might put it a little toward the 'trendy' category, but the material is classic. i loooooove mine.
  10. Welcome! I'm all for the Tod's, those bags are sooo durable. I'd go that way if I had to pick something from that list :biggrin:

  11. That is so cute! I love the color, and I went to the site and saw it also comes in brown. I couldn't find a price, though... hmm.
  12. ^^^ its £495 (roughly $900-1000), I think.
  13. Thank you! :biggrin: Yet another one to add to my list.

  14. I'm glad the forum seems welcoming to you! Welcome and make yourself at home. What I would suggest is the Gucci Large Horsebit Hobo. GORGEOUS bag! I have one and love it more than anything!! What do you think? I have the tobacco colored one :love: