new poster looking for some PF advice ;)

  1. Hi everyone, new poster here, looking for some good advice and i know this is the place to go!

    My parents are heading for a short trip to Chicago this weekend. Im from Toronto Canada and since our dollar is so strong right now, Im having them bring me home a handbag!

    Im looking for a functional everyday bag that I can use for both school and work. Nothing too heavy! I'm used to buying Diors but that habit got expensive and now I'm buying a car sooo cheaper is the way to go! I heard Cole Haan makes great quality bags at affordable prices, any testimonials to that??

    The one I'm eyeing is the Cole Haan Zip Satchel from the Aerin collection, US $385.I'm looking at the Raisin colour, which looks perfect since its not the average black bag.

    what do you guys think?? opinions please! if there's anything else you can recommend within the $300-500 price range i would appreciate it. its good that my parents are going to chicago b/c I called the Cole Haan Toronto store and by buying it in the USA, I'm saving $111! :sweatdrop:
  2. That's a very nice-looking bag. I think you'll be happy with it!
  3. That is a really cute bag!!

    Congrats and WELCOME!!

    (You are going to get really hooked!)
  4. I like it!
  5. very cute!
  6. Love Cole Haan; The leather is very good quality! This style is very nice and functional, and the raisin color is rich and beautiful. Have you seen the large Paige tote by Cole Haan? It's similar in style to this bag but a bit larger; you should check it out as well since it might be even better for notebooks, etc. Let us know what you decide!
  7. Omigod, I almost bought that bag today in a Mulberry color at Saks! It is SO pretty. Much nicer in person. I can't decide if I want this one or if I want the Junior Drake that I bought the other day.
  8. The design looks fabulous and functional. I say go for it!
  9. I liked the first one simply because I like my purses to have outside pockets. But the second one you posted, as you said, is more useful to you as it can fit your laptop.. functionality wise I would go for the second one.
  10. It's very cute! Go for it!
  11. oops i forgot to mention that my parents did end up binging it back from chicago for me =) they dont know how much i spend on my bags so this couple of hundred dollars really scared them! lol. i havent used it yet but am very anxious to!

    just for anyone whos curious, i really liked my first choice b/c of the outside pockets but then i saw the roll and it has very unique "outside" pockets that are kind of hidden by the handles ..check out the picture to see what i mean!

    since those pockets go deep in and are nicely tucked away when the handles are over my shoulder, im not too worried about anything falling out! =)