new poster here but have been lurking...anyone in houston? i'd love to chat

  1. and meet h-town ladies...

    i'm thinking of visiting the H store here for the first time...i think i need to start small with my purchase ...looking to get a Bearn wallet... hopefully one day i can afford a birkin :smile: any advice would be greatly appreciated....

  2. Hey I know you!! LOL How are you? I just got your message on MUA about my Miel Kelly. I got her from ladyauthentic on eBay.
  3. PS: How is your pregnancy going?
  4. hey japster! thanks for the rec for the seller...

    my pregnancy is ok...i haven't had time to really focus on my pregnancy with the busy holidays but now that its all over, i can concentrate more on baby #2 :smile: i can't buy any clothes for the time being so i figure i need to satisfy my hunger by buying a handbag...

    now if only i can afford a birkin , life would be perfect ;)

    how're things with you? your girl is adorable btw :smile:
  5. Here is a list of Hermes Recommended Sellers:

    I have purchased from SandiaExchange (Kaz) and she's wonderful. She usually has very nice pre-owned Birkins for below retail, which is unusual.
    I also suggest Luxury-Zurich for authentic Hermes, many members here love them. LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - No.1 for authentic designer brands, new used and vintage. Hermes, Chanel, Vuitton, Prada, Bag

    Checkout the eBay Hermes Thread in the Shopping section, we all post cool Hermes finds in it regularly.

    You are 24 weeks now? Do you know what you are having?
  6. a girl! my bank account will be even more bankrupt now lol..there are SO many cute things out there for little girls...

    DS (he's 2.5) already has clothes spilling out of drawers and closets....i am kind of scared but excited at the thought of shopping for a girl ...

    lemme go look at your links...thanks for the help!
  7. i've saved all those links you gave me...thanks again! i wished you lived in houston!!!!!
  8. Thanks- I hope they are helpful. IIRC there are maybe 2 or 3 members in Texas on this forum.
  9. hi boobie!!!!!!!!! welcome welcome welcome!!! and happy new year!!!! i live in h-town and there are at least 2-3 more ladies on here who are also from h-town!!! i'd love to get to know u and perhaps meet u at our local store one day!!! my SA just called me last week to inform me about a bearn wallet i've been looking for, so i promised him i'd stop by soon. btw: our store receieved a ton of bearn wallets in over the holidays!!
  10. Welcome... there are a few Hermes lovers here that are in Houston.. I am sure many would love to meet, like PBC said :yes:
  11. i was thinking about stopping in the store today to look at the wallets...glad to know that they got a big shipment in...i will be like a kid in a candy store!!! handbag heaven!!

    i'm still a bit apprehensive about my first trip in there there a special SA that you know of that is extra nice ?
  12. Hey X,

    I am also a fellow Houstonian. I have just become member to the Hermes circle myslef. My husband was lucky enough to find me a Birkin in the NY Hermes store. I have since visited the Houston store and picked up several small items. ( 3 scarves and 1 scarf for Dh). They were all super helpful. The manger, Sissy, helped us.
    I think we should all try to meet at the Houston Hermes one day soon. I actually live in the "burbs" so I just need to plan a lil ahead of time.
    Congrats on the pregnancy. There is another fellow Houtonian who is also pregnant. I am sure she will post you also. I have 1 DD that is 4 and WOW I do spend alot on her. The good news is you can justify all of you handbags and jewels you receive by saying . . . you can pass them down to your daughter. Welcome
  13. hi candace :smile:
    it would be great to meet up with all the houstonians! i think i might venture on over to the store sometime this week...i'm so excited !!
  14. Just wanted to say welcome! :yahoo: