New Poppy Highlight!!!

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  1. Okay I'm not keeping this bag but I thought some of you ladies might want to see it. I'm at work so these are just a few pics from my iphone. ** The color is NOT as bright as the pics show. It actually is a nice shade of blue.

    Poppy Leather Highlight Style #16283p $328


  2. Does the shape bother you?
    The shape is what prevented me from getting it.

    What do you not like about it?
  3. I didn't think I'd like the shape either but it's cute. I'm returning it mainly because it's VERY lightweight - not worth the $$$ in my opinion.
    It's very flimsy even for a Poppy bag.
  4. Well, thank you for showing us pics of it before you returned it.

    Yeah...the more $$$ the more weight it should have. I totally agree there, LOL!
  5. Love the color/lining of this bag. Not digging the shape though! You're so right, you need to be totally satisfied and get more bang for your buck!
  6. I actually like the style of it - I was debating between the highlight and the the end neither one could I justify for the price..thanks for sharing, that information is good to know!
  7. It's cute, but they needed to come out with different colors- I guess the wait continues! I don't think i'd have a problem paying for it with PCE.

    What is the size like? Could you compare it to a large Spotlight?
  8. #8 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
    I'm not a big Poppy fan - I only have a pocket hobo & it's probably the same size. So I guess it's smaller than the Spotlight.
  9. ^^ Ok thanks! I could probably downsize sometimes :smile:
  10. Actually I like ths shape. Do have modeling pics by chance? I am trying to figure out how large the bag is and if is heavy to carry...the red patent flower one in the Spring line looks like it is the same shape/size and I like that bag. Thanks
  11. Sorry no modeling pics - I'm at work. It's definitely not heavy.
  12. I'am hoping that there will be some accessorie's with the legacy lining!These bags are just not up to par with the leather.
  13. Is this the one that will come out in sequins?
  14. My black highlight came today and I LOVE it. It is the perfect bag for me, and so light that it does not bother my shoulder injury:smile:

    I am definetly keeping mine.

  15. I'm glad you're loving your bag!!! I hope you do a reveal on it - I'd love to see the black.