New Poppy Coach line

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  1. Has anyone seen the new poppy Coach line? I saw it today in Macy's. I didn't like the way it looked on their new online catalog, but in person it looks nice. I saw their smallest white bag and their wristlet. I just don't know if I would buy it though, I'm really on the fence on this one.
  2. I'v seen the poppy line in the catalog. I like it. I'm also liking the breezy line.
  3. I saw it at Nordstrom yesterday. Not a big fan of it but that's just me. I don't like the Resort line either (the one with fishies).
  4. Typically, I'm not a fan of Coach at all, but I must admit I like the Poppy Wristlet. I think it's bc you can see more of the flower than the "CCC" logo business.
  5. It's kind of cute, but my mind has been poisoned (!!!) and I only want super expensive bags now.. haha
  6. So I went to Nordstrom today and saw the new poppy line. I mentioned in my other thread that I liked the signature duffle with the huge poppy plaster in the front and with white braided handle. Anyway, I looked at it up close and ewwww I didn't like it AT ALL!! The poppy plaster made the bag looked very cheap and overall, it was just ewww.. Glad I saw it in person. Just ewww...
  7. I love the white bags with the poppies on them. The poppy plastered over the Coach signature is too busy for my taste. I have the white tote with the poppy on it and all I can say is that it's so beautiful. In reality, the poppy flower itself is a work of art. It is an intricately stitched pattern of different pieces in so many colors and fabrics (silk, leather and suede). It's really a work of art. I haven't used the bag yet (still cold here in Chicago) but I do take it out occasionally and just stare at it. Lol!
  8. I didnt like the fish at all either. I havent seen the Poppy line, does anyone have pictures?
  9. I think that's happening to me too :suspiciou

    BUT, I'm trying to resist. I will always heart Coach.
  10. Agree!
  11. I really like Coach when it sticks to more classic designs. I haven't liked any of the "busy" new bags. Fish>>>Eeek Poppies>>>Yuck Ladybugs>>>Eeeew

    I'd like them to stick to basic leather and signature bags.
  12. I used to love Coach but it seems to have taken a down turn into somewhat tacky, especially since they began outsourcing their labor to China and Costa Rica. And charging more for the bags.
  13. Oooooh, so this is what they look like -


    Hm. Well, I'm not too fond of it, or the fish line. . .but I still like the ladybug and bee bags [sigh] I want O_o
  14. Yeah, Poppy wasn't my stlye either....but then I dont wear much red so that may be why....
  15. Yea, ggk84 is right, the Poppy is really beautiful especially if you take the time to look at all the pieces patchworked together, satins, suedes, leathers, nice craftmanship!

    I have some left over if you are interested, of course all authentic!

    At first I didn't like the fish tote either. I thought it was pretty odd, carrying a fish tank. Today I went to the COACH store and a girl was carrying it, it was actually REALLY CUTE! Very spring, summery feeling. I left thinking, hmmm, maybe I should keep one! :smile: