New POPPY bags online

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  1. I just went on and they have some new poppy bags.... oh my....

    Looks like the Highlight from yesterday's preview reveal (TY Megs and Vlad!) is available in blue now (no flowers though but with legacy lining)!

    Aaaaand..... the tartan luxey satchel is avail in black/multi AND GRAFITTI!!!!!! Yay!!!!! And remember JAX saying grafitti won't be coming in satchel???
    what to do, what to do.... I was about to go on a ban!
  2. Thanks for the heads up. I like the shape of the highlight bag.
  3. i like the poppy leather large rocker bag :biggrin:
  4. Thanks for posting! Wish last year's black & red tartan came in a it better than the new black
  5. ^^^
    I know, right? Or the pink tartan, now that one would have been perfect!
    I'm not sure about the grafitti - loved it when I saw a pic about a month ago but the one posted on their web... I dunno
  6. Yes last year's pink was great too....I am trying to like the pink/red/purple satchel they have...has not quite grown on me yet, however, I do keep thinking about it. The Black/Red tartan is going to be in MFF bag but something like a Maggie which is not my style...maybe they will have some accessories though!
  7. I am LOVING that GRAFFITI!! I wish it came in a HOBO too, but I would like to see that satchel IRL :smile:!
  8. they removed some of them ;(
  9. I guess they weren't supposed to be on line?

    Do you think they'll offer them at a later date?
  10. REMOVED??? Seriously coach... I have to go check which ones are gone, hope it's not the tartan or grafitti...:sad:

  11. I hope so bc I liked two of the poppy -
  12. Oooh, I can't be objective here cause I have the new tartan satchel and I LOVE it to death!
    But the MFF I know, that Lynn bag is not my style either but we'll see, maybe I'll change my mind once I see in IRL!
  13. I see tartan and graffiti but not sure which styles were up and which ones aren't anymore. I just typed poppy into the search field.
  14. The red poppy that is listed in the Spring thread was listed in GM, Blue and Black yesterday on the site - but it was removed along with the satchel
  15. I went back into my history and found the info for the pilot Poppy bags in the page coding.

    Poppy Leather Rocker 16285P $298
    SV/BK Silver/Black (this pic is not coming up in the drilldown)

    Poppy Sig Sateen Lurex Rocker 16295P $278
    SV/OV Silver/Dove 16295p_svov_a0.jpeg
    SV/Z5 Silver/Secret Admirer 16295p_svz5_a0.jpeg

    Poppy Leather Large Rocker 16483P $398
    SV/GM Silver/Gunmetal 16483p_svgm_a0.jpeg
    SV/CT Silver/Cobalt 16483p_svct_a0.jpeg
    SV/BK Silver/Black 16483p_svbk_a0.jpeg