New Pomme...What to Wear?

  1. I initally thought "oh wow I can wear anything with this" but I am finding it hard to figure out what will 'go' with this color.
    Help me ladies & gents!!!!!!!!!!!

    My wardrobe is pretty casual and I intend on wearing my Roxbury as a casual bag. I am always in jeans (black or blue) and sometimes some cords (greys & browns). For tops I find my wardrobe has a lot of black, blues, purples, browns, and a little red.
    I hate wearing black on black (I am so picky about shades of black matching) and am fearful of wearing a red top because it won't match the pomme color.

    Thanks all!
  2. how about black or blue jeans, white top and your roxbury
  3. well, maybe you could wear black and white, or just neutral colors, like grey, beige, some browns and stuff.
    the outfits dont necessarily have to match the bag...
  4. Thanks! I don't really want it to 'match' but want to avoid the clashing!
  5. :yes:

    I think dark denims and a crisp white button down top will look amazing with your pomme!
  6. LOL I had the same trouble with my Pomme Brentwood. I had a meltdown trying to decide what to wear with it! I knew a crisp white button-down shirt would be great, but it was still cold out here in Southern CA, so I would need to wear a blazer or jacket with it. I wore it with my light gray leather jacket and my dark blue True Religion jeans.

    I had to turn to my husband for advice since he is really good with colors. He advised me to wear in addition to white, the light browns, subdued grays, and just neutral colors really with this shade of red.

    I think you can get away with matching a lot more than I could since the Roxbury is not screaming red as loudly as the Brentwood is. LOL

    Anyway you dress, you'll really be very stylish!! That Roxbury is so gorgeous!!!!
  7. I think that colour is so fun, you could wear it with your casual clothing, especially jeans.

    And again, i have to mention the fun new shoes I cought I think will match the pomme d'amour I bought off of eLux:

  8. Those are hot shoes! Unfortunately I have some weird aversion to sandals that wrap around my toes (I'm weird)!

    Thanks for the advice all!
  9. Sizzling !!!

    You can wear your pomme with any outfit as long it doesn't have big pattern..
    I agree with all suggestions above..
  10. twigs how is your roxbury? are you in love? I think all black with it would look hot...
  11. ITA!!:yes: as long as your tops don't have too much print you can practically wear your pomme with anything! i think it would look great with a white shirt and blue jeans!
  12. Thanks all. Sadly my wardrobe is pretty patterns in almost anything I own! I am a solid color kinda gal....with some layering to add in more color.
  13. Pomme goes with everything, just about. I have the Rouge Biscayne Bay which is a BRIGHT red, like those Kitchenaid mixers and it really goes with a lot more than I thought it would. I have this adorable Seven for All Mankind denim jacket with little red embroidered butterflies on it that I wear with white pants..that's definitely my favorite outfit to wear with that bag.
  14. i agree with above twiggers, don't fret, it is a beautiful color but deep enough that it will not clash with much.
    i would love it with denim, blacks, browns.
  15. Thanks rebecca & Michele!