New Pomme D'Amour charm bracelet +++

  1. Me likey :nuts:

  2. ^ me too!! what a beautiful watch!
  3. sweet!
  4. Very lovely and very expensive I'm sure. Maybe one of these days...:love:
  5. ^^^^Likey Likey!!!
  6. I love the bracelet.
  7. The watch is gonna be $8,150

    There are 2 prices for the charm bracelet $7,850 and $3,200

    The TDF sunglasses are a more reasonable $510
  8. The watch is beautiful. But 8K for a'd rather buy 5 or 6 bags with that

    The charm is beautiful too, but ditto my last comment. :sweatdrop:

    Sunglasses = wonderful!
  9. :nuts: love the pix, thanks