New policy?

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  1. I was at LV this weekend and after I made my purchase, the SA made me initial the receipt saying that I had read the return policy. I have never had to do this before. Is this new? Did anybody else have to do it?
  2. hmm..must be new. good policy..maybe too many are abusing their return policy.
  3. Hm, can't remember from a long time ago, but I do recall doing this on the last few bags I've gotten...
  4. I've had to do it on all my purchases since December. Never bought anything myself prior to that for awhile (My DH as doing my purchases).
  5. no I've never done it before, but I do know that at the bottom of the receipt (right on top of the exchange/return policy), there's a line asking for your signature. I seriously don't think it's mandatory....
    As for signing stuff, I've only had to sign the "non LV" fax-paper-like receipt lol when I use my CC card :yes:
  6. I have not done this before.
  7. Really? Since December? I bought from there a few weeks ago and didn't have to initial anything. I thought maybe they had red flagged me because I tried to return a purse two weeks ago and the manager accused me of using the bag! :cursing: I wanted to return a mandarin noe because there was a dent in the handle that I hadn't noticed when I bought it and the manager said that the employees check the bags before selling them and the dent wasn't there when they sold it to me! I took it to a different LV store and the manager took the return without any questions!

    Then yesterday, when I bought my mom a mono wapity, I had to initial the return policy, I thought it was because of the dispute that I had with the manager over the noe.
  8. ^same here.
  9. I noticed when I bought from my non-regular SA this one time (because my SA wasn't there), I had to initial next to their return policy. I thought that was weird since I didn't have to do that when I buy from my SAs afterwards. Maybe it's just for certain anal SAs?
  10. It's been a long time since I bought from LV boutique/counter (Holt Renfrew).
  11. Is it because LV's return policy has changed...or what??
  12. Guess, it takes a few bad returns to make it harder for the rest of us who buy from the boutique.
  13. I have had to do it on everything since December (3 items) in the boutique. I think it's a new policy (possibly because people are buying bags, using them and then trying to return them). I imagine this is very expensive company-wide for LV - they can't necessarily resell the bags then.

    It's always bothered me too when I see posts about people returning bags used for several weeks because I worry that I would get a "used" bag, so I'm glad for any new policy that might cut down on that. While I know it's hard, I do think it's better to research a purchase carefully before buying rather than buying, using and returning, so I don't mind the new policy.
  14. I just purchased my Mono Riveting bag yesterday and I did not have to initial the receipt.

  15. agree!