New pointus and a plisse! *pics*

  1. Shown with and without flash. I love the contrast stitching on the plisse!

    If anybody can help me with the names of these I would really appreciate it. TIA

    PS. I just noticed that the cabinet in my photos look kind of shabby. Actually, it is an antique irish pine piece and it is supposed to look that way! I don't usually beat up my furniture - LOL!



  2. WOW!!! GORGEOUS!!! I've been loving the plisse's lately esp seeing how versatile they are in the scarf books! POST SOME ACTION SHOTS, PLS!!!!!
  3. Lovely!
  4. Plisses are like a bold piece of jewelry - just stunning! Lovely choices!
  5. I love the ribbons :nuts: Great items!
  6. oh love the goodies!!
  7. They are beautiful, the green ribbons on black is called 'Bolduc', that's the limit of my scarf knowledge, lol, I'm sure someone else will name the others.
  8. I have no idea about names but that plisse is to die for beautiful! I also love the last scarf.
  9. ^ITA. I'm not much of a jewelry girl. I love watches and have a few of those but not really big into diamonds and gems. So the scarves are more my thing and I just love these colors.

    Thanks for the compliments everyone!! Hopefully somebody will know the names of the others.
  10. Gorgeous scarves Maxter!!! Congratulations!
  11. Thanks E! The black/pink/white/silver one wears really well. By the time you fold it and tie it there is ~just enough~ pink - not too much. So a little more understated than you might think when you first see it. I had a funeral last week and wore all black with that scarf. I thought it looked good.
  12. Ohmigosh, I'd love to come visit your closet.
  13. The plisse is Danse du Cosmos....

    and the other pointu is escaping me right now...
  14. Beautiful. I have the same plisse. It is my favorite!!
  15. Oh, I also have the bolduc pointu but in fuschia!